Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Touhou (Not so) Review (More like a how to win guide): TH15 (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom)

TH15 (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom)

Yep, as written above. Not so review, more like a "how to win" guide. I would tell how the mechanics works but for the plot.... it might take some time since I can't actually read Japanese character properly. 

Alright. Since I have skipped all the games from Touhou 7 to make it all the way here (just to make it stay fresh since it was just released just 2 weeks ago), there are some new mechanics that are introduced in the game and also some that was carried along in the previous ones. First things first. There are 2 mode that could be chosen for the story mode which is the point device mode and legacy mode. Point device mode is the is the new mode introduced to the series where the player will have only 1 life where once you got hit by the bullet, Poof.! Game Over. However, bombs can be stack easily in this game and also, the game can be continued at anytime (it is save able) and also, unlimited retries. On the other hand, Legacy mode is the same old mode as the previous games.

As for the old mechanics, The heroines will be required to collect specific item piece to obtain either Bomb or 1up piece. However, this game's new mechanics demands the player to prioritize on grazing bullets.... for survival. I'm not kidding. The more you graze, the more lives and bombs you can obtain. Another new mechanics where the stages are divided into distinct chapters so that the player's performance can be assessed. By the term "assessed" this is where the graze count, total percentage of enemies that was shot down, will be shown and the player can obtain bonuses such as extra points and extra life or bomb piece if the requirements are met. Based on my play through, at normal stages (not boss battles), collecting 200 graze will give the player a life piece (for legacy mode) or bomb piece (for point device mode). As for the boss battles, I'm not really sure so I will try to collect 250 graze so that I could also farm since this game is REALLY hard.

Ok, Now is my review and comments for the Heroines for the play through.

Reimu: Has homing bullets when unfocused (mild area of effect, AOE damage) which is good for stage clearing, might be difficult against bosses since she has low damage. Small hitbox makes her slightly harder to hit bullets. She will be strong for most stages but will have difficulty against Stage 4 boss.

Marisa: Extremely focused firing and high damage. Unfortunately, she has minimal AOE which makes her very hard for stage clearing and also hitting mobile bosses. She will be very strong against Stage 3, 4 and 6 boss but very badly countered at stage 2 and 5 boss.

Sanae: Very strong AOE damage and also target locking bullets. Extremely easy to clear stages but moderately hard on boss battle that can summon other enemies such as stage 4 boss since the target locking ability will be used to kill the minions instead of the bosses. Has very strong bomb and also long channeling time . Players can abuse it to collect graze as much as you can because during channeling period, Sanae is already invulnerable. 

Reisen: Moderate AOE due to wide bullet pattern and also moderate focused damage. She has a so-so damage but overpowered bomb. Instead of dealing massive damage, her bomb will clear bullets around her within a small radius and also activates 3 barriers where Reisen can hit bullet 3 times without dying. However, the drawback of this bomb is that her hit box was enlarged significantly and bosses in this game will throw in heavy danmaku so.... it will still bring a  big challenge. Oh wait. Her having large hit box, she can easily graze bullets so she will be the easiest to farm lives and bombs. I would use her due to high survivability

Below is the record of my game play stream from youtube

UPDATED: Extra stage cleared (sloppy win though)

Some spell cards are still hard to memorize but I managed to pass through half of them so... Enjoy my not-so-nice game play (It was hard man) Whew
Last but not least, Clearing the game in easy mode gives you the bad ending though it still unlocks extra stages.

Here is the link to the game

That is all for this week. I will have finals this weekend until 3rd Sept so stay tuned for the next weekend. Bye~

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