Monday, August 10, 2015

Heads up for Touhou 15 Full Release (and mini review on its demo)

Hey guys, this upcoming Friday will be the day of the release of the latest title for Touhou Project which is Touhou 15: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. It also  happened to be the on the same time around this weekend, which is the Comiket 88 dated 14/August 2015 until 16 August 2015.Yes. This weekend. What's new in this game is that there are long-awaited heroine to be in a danmaku game since the release of Touhou 8 which is Reisen Udongein Inaba. She is one of the bosses in Touhou 8 and also a playable character in later fighting game titles (which will be reviewed within this summer season)

She is a bunny-eared girl ^_^

Another good news is that the demo of the game has been released for quite some time so you can get it from here. The demo consists only the first 3 stages. However, on my opinion, this will be the hardest Touhou game on windows platform. I mean.... it is really really hard. I have played most Touhou games and also beaten most o hard mode and extra stages. But this, it takes extreme concentration just to pass the first 3 stages. I wonder how hard it will be to beat the rest of the remaining stages and also their extra stages.

I have 2 videos of the boss battles and... you guys be the judge if it is hard or not

First stage boss battle

Third Stage boss battle

Alright, that is all for the mini review. Stay put for its release i this weekend and. See you guys Tomorrow or the day after that for Touhou 7 review. Bye~

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