Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Break Blade: Best damage effects I've seen

Hey again everybody. Sorry for the long absence. I... had somewhat of a writer's block I guess. That's all I can say about me for not writing for well over a month. Oh well. At least I'm here now. I... will try to keep a regular upload for every Wednesday. I'll try. For now, let us look into this gem of the past, Break Blade.

Uh... again, for those of you wondering about the title there... Yes. This is the same show. Break Blade. Broken Blade. Its the very same show. I... think the title is a little bit of a direct translation of the japanese title and "Break Blade" is the official english title or something. Don't make such a big fuss about this. Heck even in the anime most of the people called the Delphine (that's the main character's mecha by the way) Broken Blade due to the shape of its horn. So there you have it. One confusion solved. 

This is the infamous black golem, Delphine. I can't really help but wonder what in the world was the creator of this mech was thinking. I mean really? A pointy back that doesn't actually have ANY combat or tactical advantage with the chance of the fin being stuck in the ground if the Delphine actually fell backwards due to some heavy impact (Hell I really think if it just fell down on its own the back would still get stuck in the ground). Other than that its really quite a fine mech. Good suspension system for its legs, some camouflage on the shoulder joints, hard inner torso frame to protect the pilot (I give this one credit. Simple, but important in my opinion) and it also have its own gyro stabilizing mechanism that balances the mech if it is knocked off either on its own or by enemies. Okay sorry for that... very unrealistic outlook on the Delphine. Moving on.

Break Blade is set in a world where everyone has the ability to manipulate "quartz" which is called "magic". In a sense its literally like electricity. They put the quartz in machine parts and such and manipulate those parts to make the machine work. The story focuses on events revolving around these four people. Rygart, an un-sorcerer (it means he can't use magic) who was heavily persecuted all his life and just so happens to befriend all these great people PLUS one hot bespectacled girl in a military academy. There's Hodr who is Krisnan's King, Sigyn who eventually became Krisnan's queen and Zess, the younger brother of a renowned Athens general. Just so you know... Athens is invading Krisna. Shit happens and suddenly Rygart is protecting Hodr and Zess is fighting Rygart. Sigyn... is the eyecandy for spectacles lovers like me.

Now what I would like to highlight in this anime is that if you look closely the damage art is so damn awesome. You can actually see the rust lines in the mechs (in the anime they call them golems but whatever) all the little chips due to prolonged usage and the damage due to the weapons is on a level that would make you think those gundam animators aren't really doing their jobs. It may not be able to challenge that "Blue Eyed Casval" 3D space fight at the intro of the movie but yeah to me its very very nice. There's also that classic melee handsome fight vibes in this anime that I like a lot. You don't really get these fights anymore these days. What's more, Rygart can't use the bolt guns as he can't manipulate quartz so his fights are always one of a kind. Hey. He's a civillian who doesn't even have the ability to manipulate quartz. If he screws up once or twice, you really ought to give him a break, you know.

I guess that's about it for Break Blade. Good mech fights and good concept with outstanding damage effects. If there's anything I don't like about this anime its that I have to read the manga to know the whole story and that I can't just wane away and watch the anime (yes I am that lazy. Someday maybe. Someday.) These are the two things I like most in the anime. Hodr's owl (So cute omg). And Hodr's wife. I. Want. Those. Ugh....

See ya guys next Wednesday.

P/S: Look at that. Those spectacles. Those... ugh.

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