Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Touhou Review: TH03 (Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream)

TH03 (Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream)

Touhou 3.... How should I put it.... It  is still a danmaku game but different from the previous game. It is a versus danmaku game. Honestly, I still have no idea on how to play this properly because..... it might use RNG as well for this game because you will be fighting a real time AI in a danmaku battle.. First things first, the player can now choose up to 9 characters in this game  (note that only 7 characters that are story related since the other 2 characters are the preboss and the boss of the game). Let's get to the story.  There is a ruin discovered near the Hakurei shrine gate and there are rewards for the one who went inside it. However, there should only one person that is allowed to enter the ruin at a time. So, the battle begins.

As for the gameplay, the game will have 2 vertical scrolling screens. The player will be controlling the one on the left while the one on the right will be controlled by the AI, which will be the current opponent of the stage. There will be some monsters or spirits that will appear on the screen like most touhou games where the player will need to shoot down. However, there will be blue and red orb that will appear where you can also shoot it down. After completing some requirements (which I'm still wondering what it is), the player can sabotage the opponent screen by sending special skill which varies with each character. Not only that, the player can also activate even more barrage where the sprite of the player's character will invade the opponent screen and throws massive barrage towards the opponent. Be careful since the opponent can do the same. As usual, there will be bombs to help escape from tight situations. 

Control is similar to touhou 2 but  with extra function of the fire button "z" where the player need to press rapidly for normal fire and hold for charge attacks. Charge attack will have 4 bars where players can fill the gauge and activate skills depending on how many bars was charged. Below are the screenshot and a video of the gameplay

This is the video gameplay of the final stage

In my opinion, I didn't really know how the mechanics really works for this game. I only know that as long as I shoot and also dodge all the bullets, the enemy will eventually mess up and die (hopefully, since it is random for the enemy to hit the bullets and die). To me, the bullet density is and speed is not as many as most touhou games. The only thing that makes the game difficult is that the enemy moves perfectly and dodges like no human can (well, it is an AI).

Links to the emulator: (clicking it downloads the file directly)

Link to the game: (moriya shrine)

That was it. Review on touhou 4 will come up next week. See ya!

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