Sunday, July 5, 2015

Touhou Review: TH02 (Story of Eastern Wonderland)

TH02 (Story of Eastern Wonderland)

The second installment of the Touhou Project. Different from the previous one, This game is now a vertical scrolling Danmaku game, like most of the touhou project releases after that. The story is about Hakurei Shrine suddenly having ghosts and monsters and it  is time for Hakurei Reimu (previously known only as Miko in the first game) to take action and deal with the culprit. Plus, This story also introduces the player a new character which will be soon available as a playable character and later became the main heroine of the series along with Reimu which is Kirisame Marisa.

The gameplay is simple where the player can move Reimu with directional buttons, shooting with 'z' and bomb with 'x'. The game has 5 stages and one unlockable extra stage upon clearing the game on Normal difficulty without continuing after game over.

Before starting the game, you have 3 choices of Reimu's fighting style. Each has their own unique advantages As for me, I'd rather choose the offensive type for extra damage but slower moving speed.

Here are some of the screenshots and a short video of the gameplay

For my opinion, this is the hardest touhou  danmaku game among all because this game has super fast bullets compared to other ones. Plus, I have seen a forum discussing  the hardest extra stage boss among all series and this title has the highest vote. Let me show the screenshots of extra stage gameplay for it 


Note: I'm not sure if it is a bug or the mechanics is designed to be like it, if you mash the "z" button, Reimu will shoot at higher fire rate rather than holding the "z" button. This is quite useful against the boss because you can beat them very quickly with this.

Links to the emulator: (clicking it downloads the file directly)

Link to the game: (moriya shrine)

That was it. Review on touhou 3 will come up next week. See ya!

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