Sunday, June 28, 2015

Touhou Review: TH01 (Highly Responsive to Prayers)

TH01 (Highly Responsive to Prayers)

The very first installment of the touhou project series to the world. You could also say it is the debut towards the world. Most people nowadays know touhou project as a vertical scrolling barrage / curtain fire / bullet hell game. Uniquely, the first official game is not the ones stated before but a non scrolling shooting game. The game features as a shrine maiden (Miko in Japanese but later known as Hakurei Reimu in sequels) journeying from Hakurei Shrine to either Makai or Jigoku (depends on the player's choice after defeating the first boss.

For the gameplay,  The Miko need to flips all the cards on the screen by juggling her yin yang orb within the time limit or the stage will get harder and harder. every multiple of 5th of the stage, she will encounter a boss battle. The player are controlling the Miko with left and right button for movement, throw talismans with z and action move with button x. Action button has different actions depending on what combination button you use it such as x+left or right makes Miko to slide across the screen, x+z twice activates the bomb, clearing several cards on normal stages or damages the boss at certain conditions. Usually bombs are used to escape from being hit by bullets on the screen. (note: even the yin yang orb could deal damage to herself if it hits her)

Below are the sceenshots of the gameplay

Miko swings her wand to juggle her yin yang orb

 Some bosses throughout the game

 Sariel, final boss of the game on Makai Route

Miko using Bomb towards the stage 10 boss on Jigoku route

To me, I could say this game is very hard for most people because it requires extremely fast response to dodge all the bullets while keeping an eye on the yin yang orb to hit the target and trust me, just doing both of that at the same time is hard. I played for months and still unable to clear the game without continuing. Sad for me.

To play the game, you will need a PC-98 emulator. I would recommend T98-Next emulator. In my opinion, it runs well for most touhou that was platformed on pc-98

Links to the emulator: (clicking it downloads the file directly)

Link to the game: (moriya shrine)

That was it. Review on touhou 2 will come up next week. See ya!

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