Monday, June 8, 2015

Mineral Moe project - how it all started

Mineral moe project is a new project I've initiated, inspired by my recent university life. I love anime, games and manga. I enjoy drawing anime girls, humongous robot and terrifying monsters. It's just a hobby however, and I just thought it was just another way to spend my time. I can't really do much about it, since I'm studying Earth science, and the only thing I was able to draw during the course is just rocks and geological features (and occasionally fossils).

However, one day, while looking at a bunch of rock specimens, I thought it would be nice if they could turn into anime girls or something. Then an idea struck into my head. If we can have ship girls (yes, Kancolle), can't we also have mineral girls? Later in the evening, I spend my time drawing the minerals in a humanoid form. A mineral bishojo. And from there, my mind started to go wild, thinking what else I could do with it. I've written a character sheet for each of them, with their own unique personalities. I even planned a story board for the mineral girls universe.

One of my main objective is to integrate both the fun and learning factors together, where people can admire the beauty of mineral girls and also learn something about those minerals. I saw how convenient we could put information into a phone instead of a huge book, since it is easy to access. And that is how I get my idea to start the project, first by making an app. From there, I've discovered lot's of stuff, from the amazing Live2D software, learning back how to use Unity Game engine, understanding complex scripting (bear in mind I am no computer science student) and spend my free time digitally painting these girls.

It was a lot of fun, and there is a lot more to come.

The original draft for the mineral girls:

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