Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Character profile - Quartz

Quartz is Mineral Moe poster girl. She is second most abundant mineral on Earth and she could be seen almost everywhere, from beach sands, to aggregate of sedimentary rocks to crystals. For geologist, she is very common, yet Quartz in its large crystalline form is a sight to behold.

The crystal itself is very sleek, exquisite and variable. Because of that, I imagine Quartz as a cool beauty, simple yet elegant. Personality wise, she is your generic Kuudere; cold, blunt, cynical, and pretty much doesn't care of anything much. That's what she is on the outside but she is actually caring and nice on the inside. I tried a different approach of designing characters this time and having a loli as a main character (a first for me). One of her remarkable traits is her obsession with JoJo Bizarre Adventure, and I can assure you she will do a JoJo pose everytime she had the chance to do so.

Quartz has a rather basic, yet enigmatic crystal structure. The lattice has a lots of polymorph. A such, Quartz is a character that could advance and change readily as the story progress. She uses dual sword as her main choices of weapon, to complement with her crystal group. These swords could change into many forms to suit her battle style. Her fighting technique is very refined. She does not use speed or strength to overwhelm her opponent, but rather using her instinct to adapt based on the situations and using her own enemy power to counter against them. She never loses her cools, as such she would remain very focused when the situation calls for it. As plain as she looks, she is actually a force to reckon with.

"You thought you would find a precious gemstones, but instead it was I, Quartz!"

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