Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Love Stage!! : Someone told me I should really not do this

Hey guys. Its me again, Wolvenciel. Now some of you maybe would have already known about this anime and straight out clicked on something else to watch/read and those of you who clicked out of curiosity (or someone shared this blog's link to you) first and foremost I HAVE to tell you that this is a shounen ai anime. It wouldn't be fair for those who clicked unknowingly and suddenly has that "OMGWTF did I just watch" reaction. But for those of you who knows about the title but curious as to why this review is here, I congratulate you. Now lets get on with it, shall we?

Love Stage!! starts off with a commercial of a happy wedding ceremony and of two kids meeting with each other at the filming location. Then it starts right out to the fact that one of the kids grew up ten years later to be a shut-in otaku who aspires to be a manga artist (albeit having no talent at drawing) in the middle of a showbiz family. The magazine that filmed the wedding commercial ten years ago wanted to do a remake of the commercial but using the grown up versions of the kids. So the romance begins.

First of all, lets talk about the characters. If you're all familiar with the shoujo genre you'll say that the characters are a bit cliche. You have the antisocial girl, the very cool very outstanding handsome boy, the overprotective family member, and the supportive mother. The interesting part in this anime is that the roles are... a bit jumbled. The antisocial girl is a guy, the outstanding boy isn't actually outstanding, and the supportive mother is... the family's manager. There are also other side characters that doesn't get involved with the plot at all but still provided the story with some funny moments.

If you are not into BL, this anime can be very shuddering and... freak the hell out of you, I guess. However the theme of the anime isn't about guys shagging each other, unlike one anime that I refuse to mention here. It is more about solving the confusions in your mind when you are suddenly introduced the new idea that maybe you are homosexual and not just straight out love drunk. Throughout the anime you can see both protagonists struggling with the various challenges that comes their way and maybe give you some insight on how exactly a person struggles when he finds out that he actually likes men when throughout his whole life he was straight.

I can't complain about the art though because it all looks so colorful and vivid (very much like a shoujo anime) and I specifically liked the blushes as they reminded me of... of something. A friend of mine however complained that the art wasn't quite good as both the protagonists could have been drawn better and he also said the blushes in this anime looked like they were punched on the face. I guess that is just a matter of opinions then.

The anime only had twelve episodes and one OVA so there wasn't that much development on the characters. The side characters only have one purpose in the anime, that is to provide funny moments. I don't know, maybe they had more roles in the manga. The story does feel a bit rushed, in my opinion. They could make the struggling a bit longer and add in more depth as to the confusions that is felt by both protagonists in the process of the relationship. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Love Stage!! has its romantic moments and I admit I did feel a bit of that "doki doki" feeling when I was watching it ( just a bit). The characters are very down to earth and the story itself is very logical but it is sad that some of them didn't have back stories to explain as to how the get to where they are (again, I think there is more to it in the manga) and the pace of the anime was a tad fast for me. I wouldn't say that it is a very outstanding anime but still, if you're bored and trying to spice up your watch list, this is a good anime to go to.

P/S: The blogmaster really didn't want me to review this anime.

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