Friday, May 8, 2015

Kamisama Hajimemashita: Not your usual TamahomexMiyaka pairing

Hey there, Wolvenciel here with another review. Sorry for the long delay between this one and the RecoG one as I really took some heavy damage writing that... review. So anyways, here you go. Kamisama Hajimemashita. Before I begin, let me say that I have watched both the first and the second season but the screenshots here are fully from the second season as I only recently finished the second one with writing a review in mind.

The story tells about a young girl, Nanami who became homeless due to an irresponsible father and gets herself mixed up with an Earth Deity who then gives her a home and literally the title of the Earth Deity itself. The anime revolves around Nanami getting used to her deity responsibilities while being accompanied by a mix of characters, most of them not so human. The theme itself might sound lighthearted and it certainly is. The anime fits perfectly as a slice of life cum romance anime due to the nice pacing from one arc to the other.

 If you look at the pictures I posted here you might think that this is like one of those boys harem anime where the girl is all frail and weak but acts independent and eventually causes everybody else harm by chewing more than she could chew (yes that's you, Miyaka). Nanami is someone a little bit different than that. She is surrounded by guys and technically she is frail and weak but the anime shows us a side where there are certain things that seems hard if approached bluntly but is actually easier when you look at it in a whole different perspective. That is what Nanami always did in the anime. She tries hard, but not blindly.

Another unique trait about this anime is that you often see fantasy romance anime where the boy saves the girl then the girl falls in love with the boy, right? (Yeah. You, Miyaka.) Tomoe (that's the kitsune, by the way) did make Nanami fall in love with him by saving her but as the story goes, you can see that it goes both ways. Sometimes its Tomoe doing the saving and sometimes its Nanami that's doing it. This main character breaks the meta for a cliche "boys harem girl" to small pieces and I assure you, a LOT of the moments in this anime will make you go "kyaa" and "uhuun" and stuff and make your heart race even more than when you watch Tamahome repeatedly save Miyaka for over 50 episodes.

The side characters are also perfectly utilized to move the story and just when you think the author had probably killed the guy off because he looks like he's not important to the storyline, he comes up again with an arc of his own. Sure, the cute little familiars aren't really that important to the story but hey, they sure do know when to slap you in the face with some humor when things get too heavy. Also, look forward to the preview of the previous episodes. You'll know what I mean when you watch the anime.

Oh and did I say boys harem earlier? I'm sorry. The anime is mostly about Nanami being the only girl liking Tomoe. Other guys did fall in love with her but all the men (yes MEN, not boys) in this anime are mature enough to not fight over a girl who has eyes for a very handsome kitsune. They are able to let go and admit defeat. You won't see stupid fights about getting the girl to like them or anything like that. Don't worry. This show isn't about "emoness". It has a much more unique romance in it.

The soundtracks in this anime are cheerful and soothing. It really matched the scenes in the anime and even the shoujo-ish art that were presented in the anime goes well with it. I especially liked the second season's opening as it was more upbeat it does make you want to follow the music. The animation is very flowery most of the time (remember, this is a romance anime) with glittering effects on the handsome guys and when the atmosphere turns funny, the animation follows.

All in all, I really enjoyed this anime. I thought the first season was good enough but the second season was better. The funny moments in this anime is as many as its romantic moments so get ready to laugh and have those "doki doki" feels as you watch it. If you were wondering, I watch romance anime as much as I watch mecha ones. Its just that nowadays... there aren't many good ones. If you have any recommendations as to what else to watch, leave me some comments below.

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