Saturday, April 4, 2015

Light Novel - Juou Mujin No Fafnir (Unlimited Fafnir)

Juou Mujin No Fafnir (Unlimited Fafnir)

Author: Tsukasa

Illustrator: Korie Riko

—Neun, demand, confirm—

At this moment, I heard an emotionless voice in my mind. Crack, I saw a tiny sapling, breaking through the asphalt surface of the road to emerge.

—Circuits of omniscience, partial release, consider, aligned interests, proposal, make a deal—

What? Who the heck are you?

Fragmented words poured into my mind directly. The originally intermittent voice gradually gained fluency.

—I, am, Gaia's oldest, dragon species, Thue. Known as Kiskanu according to Acht, or Yggdrasil—

—Again, confirmation, demand consideration, make a deal with me—

A deal...? Speaking of which, I had said the same thing earlier.

What the heck are you offering me? And what price do I have to pay?

—Offer is, power. Demand is, extermination—

Extermination? Extermination of what...?

—All dragon species, apart from myself—

A few days have passed since the last episode of Unlimited Fafnir anime and it would not be a bad idea to go searching for its source material, the Light Novel itself. That’s what the first thing I’ve done after watching the first season of Oregairu previously. The LN version have a lot of additional information compared to the anime because the anime tend to cut out some information from the LN to fit the anime into the limited broadcasting of usually 12 or 24 episodes.

For your information, the Light Novel version currently have 8 volumes with the latest volume being released just recently on 2nd April 2015. Regarding the overall impression on the volumes that I’ve read (3 volumes), I can say there are tons of content being omitted by the anime. As Japanese is not my mother tongue, I had to rely on the kind soul on the internet to translate the volumes and currently, these people had translated up to the 3rd volume, the Basilisk extermination arc. Also, there are plenty of Yuu’s interaction with the other girls compare to the anime as well as the plot regarding Yuu’s and Mitsuki’s circumstances in the Light Novel is much more elaborated. So I would really suggest reading the LN starting from volume 1 as there are some contents being omitted with some being quite important to the plot. Anyway, I would be glad if you enjoy the story.

Trivia: Juou Mujin No Fafnir can be translated as “Fafnir the Unlimited Gun Emperor”. You would get the meaning if you read the novel *smirk*

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