Saturday, April 11, 2015

G no Reconguista: And I thought it couldn't get any worse...

Hey everyone. Wolvenciel here with another post on yet another Sunrise anime review. Now first of all let me say this. The reason I watched this one was so that I could give a bit of the "Not Guilty" verdict to this Gundam series. Sadly... It was too hard to do so. Whatever. Lets just get on with this. I'll start with the good stuff first and the bad stuff later because if I did it otherwise, people would stop reading halfway. Trust me.

So. G no Reconguista. I saw Age and I lost hope. But then. Unicorn brought back light to the Gundam series. So I thought,"Hey, maybe they're onto something here. Maybe even if the mecha designs are crappy, the story line would be good". The animation for this Gundam is a bit childish and soft. It features the beams and the mechs as being flowery and kiddish. I mean, they're nothing like the previous Gundam series where you see the beams of light shining here and there and you have this feeling that a fight's going to take place. No. You'll start to praise the lights. Because the lights in this one is more like rays of magic from a mahou shoujo anime. It was beautiful though, to watch the beams flowing around the battlefield like rainbows in space. However, you won't get to see much of that early in the anime as most of the battles are on episode 20 and above.

Then you have the main character, Bellri Zenam. At first, I kind of liked him. He wasn't emo like all the other Gundam pilots and he was more on the happy-go-lucky side. I mean, now you won't get to see them resisting to fight even when their friends and families are dying left and right.

Okay. I'm done praising this show.

I'll start by commenting on the opening of this anime. Both the first opening and the second opening are what I call,"copy paste works". If you watch the anime you'll realize that the openings are just scenes from the anime itself. Yes. It's nothing original. Not at all. They completely wasted the first opening's song Blazing by GARNiDELiA epicness by shoving random scenes from the episodes.

The plot for this anime is quite similar to 00. Energy monopolization. Or so I thought. As the anime progresses, I started to think that this show doesn't even have a plot. After finished watching it, I confirmed myself that its true. This anime doesn't have a plot. They kept shifting from one goal to another for no solid reasoning and they kept on going to different places to practically do nothing but sightseeing and making problems as they go. And then they act like they're solving shit.

Now a good anime should have good scripts for the characters, right? If the scripts are screwed, the anime is as good as gone. For Reconguista, I give the scripts a score of 1/10. Why? There are just too many unnecessary dialogues and unnecessary random actions in this anime itself that you will constantly keep yourself wondering,"What the heck are they talking about??". Yes I agree that there were some of those random stupidity that the characters do to instill humor in the anime like they did back with 0079 Gundam but most of them were gibberish. You won't even understand it, trust me.

Approaching the end of the series, there were some good fights... Well... Uh... The fights were watchable. Okay. The thing that pissed me off was the Kuntala pride thingy and the relation between the characters. You won't be able to make any sense of it. As I said earlier the script is gibberish, so you can't see any progression anywhere in the story. Things just happen. Either logically or not, they happen. There is no explanation at all for any of the things that occur and you would just get too confused to even ask for one.

All in all, this anime might be the worst that Sunrise produced. I'll blame it on the guy who write this story. I thought that the worst Gundam plot was Seed Destiny with Jesus Yamato and all that but Reconguista just took that place by a long shot. The mech designs were bad. The dialog was bad. There was no actual theme addressed in the story line. I do not recommend this to any humans. Even for kids (Stupidly the show was aimed at kids. God I'm pissed).

Note: I wanted to back this anime up... But it's impossible.


  1. i wanna ask smthing..hurmm..did this anime continue the UC series or just talking bout crap like you said?

  2. The UC was referred to as "The past century where the warmongering Earthnoids fuck everything up" in this anime. A lot of things were referred to as "UC remnants" and there was even a museum which appeared for 5 seconds in the anime that featured the UC mechs. But that's about it. No continuation of anything. They didn't refer to anything from the UC timeline.



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