Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Otaku Club 4th Anniversary

Today is 6th September 2014, marking one of the historic day for the Otaku Club...

It's the Otaku Club 4th Anniversary!


It's been 4 years since this web page first establish. Since that, many changes had occurred, and many wonderful memories had been made together.

We had watched tons of anime, and played countless hours of games. We had attend a huge number of events, and tried a variations of cosplay. Our collections had grown, just like how our ages keep going on and on.

 We at the Otaku Club would like to say our deepest thanks to all of our viewers and fans alike for supporting andmaking this possible. Without you, we could never held this long. Seriously, you guys are the best! We promise to bring more contents, and more surprise will be coming soon enough!

Thank you all! 

By Otaku, For Everyone.

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