Friday, August 29, 2014

ICE picture gallery

It sure is freezing today. Brrr.

The theme for today is... ice. While everyone is doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise donation and awareness about the motor neurone disease, I could only post some freezing content here to help out a bit.

Just so you know, the reason why ice cold water is used in the challenge is to simulate what it feels to have ALS, even for a fraction of second. Your body become numb, you can't even feel your hand or move your limbs, yet your mind is still intact. It's like having a soul living in a empty husk. Scary.

Well guys, for this challenge, which character did you prefer for them to pour ice cold water to you?

Don't forget to support and donate to the ALS association! : http://alsa.org/

All images belonged to their respective artists/owner.

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