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Animangaki 2014

It's time for the Otaku Club report for this year Animangaki! It has been 3 long years since I attended this event, and this year I've been chosen as the media representative to cover Animangaki activities, with tons of pictures to cater your need.

Animangaki is the local anime, manga and games convention, held each year in Sunway Pyramid, where all fans gather together to express their love to their beloved hobbies.The theme for Animangaki 2014 is the Sengoku era, where we have feudal japanese decoration everywhere, and cosplayer tried their best to match the theme, with samurai style clothing, old japanese folks dresses and many more. One of the unique feature Animangaki had to offer compared to other event is the wonderful theme presented each year, which make this event stand out from the other local events. 

This year they've reached for a total of 11,500 attendees for they 2 days event! It's a grand and astounding feat indeed.

Without wasting any time, let us enjoy the report from the event, and feel free to add any comments!

The view outside the event hall, where fans line up to buy their ticket and getting ready to enter.
Right on 10.30 am, the door to the main hall opened, and the event finally started!
The famous japanese torii model.
Some of the booth you can find outside the main hall. You can see people playing trading card games here.
The view from the escalator going from the ground floor to the second floor. The view here is amazing! No wonder photographers like to take cosplayers pictures here.
There is a japanese omatsuri booth at the side, where you can test your skill in some of the games provided.

The touhou section! Aside from touhou games, they also sell a lots of high quality doujins and merchandise, to all the fans and non-fans alike.
Trust me, danmaku is really hard. Especially if you play extra stage. 
The gaming section, where fighting tournament was held. Pro players from Marvel vs Capcom 3, Blazeblue and some others pit on each other to see who is the best.

One of the booth inside the main hall, where they try to promote their haunted house, using this handsome fella here as a model to attract people.

The doujin section, where essentially tons of great doujin and merchandise was sold.

The doujin area is indeed really cramped, yet getting the goodies is all worth it.

Band performance by the Crestfall, liven up the stage with their outstanding show.

After that, contestant for Animangaki Idol sings to impress both the people and fellow judges, for the title of this year Animangaki Idol.

Performance by the local Love Live school idol group, stealing the show with their energetic and lovely dances.

Nico best girl.

At the top floor, in the conference room, we have cosplay workshop, where the pros explain the how's and what's in the process of making a good cosplay, along with some other workshops such as make-up and photography.

Coming back to the main stage, we have a live interview with our guest cosplayer, coming all the way from Taiwan, Stayxxxx.

'What is the answer for the secret of the universe, Stayxxxx?'

One of the mian event for Animangaki is the cosplay competition, where groups of cosplayers try to steal the show with their amazing performance and cosplay skills. Winners will have a chance to join the Cosplay Invitational in the upcoming Comic Fiesta.

The first group we have is the mask rider group, with their 3-way fight.
Cool pose.
And... sexy pose.
Next, we have the Kantai Collection duo, with their tear-jerking performance.
'Boom, headshot.'

Then, we have the most unique group of them all, a mix of futuristic ninja, Konoha ninja....
... and Iron man. Shiny.
Fist fight!
Boom, headbutt!
And dont forget your sexy pose!
The last group is the Vocaloid group, where at first looks kinda static...
... and suddenly they started dancing, erratically.

And your final sexy pose. Guhehe
Woops, event our MCs wanted to show off their sexy pose...

All the contestant of the cosplay competition, standing proud and tall for their splendid performance.

Ow! Move it baby!

And here is our beloved judge, discussing their verdict on each of the contestant.

And the winner is.... the NinjaXIronman team! With their hilarious comedy skit, no wonder they get to be chosen as the winner.

And don't forget the commemorative presents from the organizers to fellow judges.

These 4 are chosen as the best in the hall, according to the Sengoku theme. Guess which one win the highest crowd vote?
Animangaki features the greatest toys,figurines and collectibles ever displayed.  This time, they tried to make an astounding record of the largest communities toys, figurines and collectibles display in Malaysia, stretching from anime figurines, gundam models, action figures, scale model, dolfie and miniatures. 

And it's time you've been waiting for.... cosplay photos!
This year, I've cosplayed as a Blood Angel tactical Space Marine, wearing the Mark IV 'Maximus' armour equipped with chainsword and boltpistol on day 1, and as Dallas from Payday 2 in day 2.

Here's your friedly Space Marine cosplay from day 1. Seriously, this thing is really huge and heavy. I got a real bad shoulder pain after the event.
 Oh before I forgot, I apologize if I forgot to credit some of the photographers whom I took their picture of.
'What'cha looking at?'
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/ronniel.cheongtubongbanua
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/GeniuthPhotography?ref=stream

Space Marine, walking through. Slowly...

Credit: https://www.facebook.com/lerorin
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/scbeng
And here is my cosplay of Dallas from Payday 2, along with my friend here as Wolf.
'Get Down!!!'

And here is the collection of some others cosplayers I've taken picture of. Enjoy!
Not so tough anymore huh Accelerator?


Touhou characters galore!

Bam. Another headshot. 

Well, that's it folks! Animangaki 2014 has ended, with great success and exhilarating fun. I've enjoyed this event very much, and I sure deserve it, since this will be my last event here before continuing my studies overseas.

The event ended with a groovy yet catchy closing ceremony music party, featuring DJ Kazami Shintarou..

Well, see you guys next time! And perhaps, I will do another event coverage in another country. The thought of it sure makes me feel really excited! I can't wait.

LOOT! My loot for the event!
By Otaku, for everyone.

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