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Full profile of the alien species
A request from Jeffmire: jeffmire.deviantart.com/

The name of the species is Karkh'ala. Developing on their planet, they quickly became an apex predator due to their speed and numbers. Their civilization today can be described as an oligarchy. Only a counsel and a few outside sources make the laws of the world and their cities. Being an oligarchy, they are bound by honor and a warrior's code, only choosing the strongest to lead them. Normally, if a Karkh'ala wants to be on the counsel, they have to best a member of their choosing in a series of tests. Failure is usually met with death.

Their cities tend not to be big. They rather have spread out city-states instead of bustling metropolises. The gender ratio is more towards the female side than the males, making the males more valued. With this high level of females, it is not uncommon to form a clan around a single male. When it comes to breeding, they give up the eggs when they are first laid to a public incubation center. These centers, they heat the eggs until born. Usually, the female won't know which one is theirs. So, taking home a stranger's offspring is also not uncommon. When the children reach the age of ten, that is when they start their specialized schooling: Military, medical, entertainment...

Armoured Karkh'ala with energy weaponry
Being a space faring race, they have a large amount of technological advances to draw from. They tend to focus on energy weapons versus mass drivers. Their small arms consist of weapons ranging from long energy rifles, to energy swords and shields. Their vehicles have a similar theme throughout the culture. They all have sharp spines somewhere along the vehicle. Their medical advancements are less than stunning, being a warrior culture. For wounds that would require a long recovery, they tend to opt out and take a robotic replacement. This has led them to be leaders in advanced robotics that also led to the development of drones.

This species is currently at odds with a Colonial Human Government and on uneasy terms with a rebellious Human Alliance. During major conflicts, they call in their massive carriers to help turn the tide of battle. One such ship is named the Black Serpent. The Vessel Lord commanding this vessel is named Rakavra. He has been in hundreds of skirmishes against the humans along the boarder of their territory. As his time comes to a close, he will soon find out that this war isn't so black and white.

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