Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flannery - TIMBERRR!!!

"Welcome... No, wait. Puny Trainer, how good to see you've made it here! I have been entrusted with the... No, wait. I am Flannery, and I'm the Gym Leader here! Uh... Dare not underestimate me, though I have been Leader only a short time! With skills inherited from my grandfather, I shall, uh...demonstrate the hot moves we have honed on this land!"

A request from vincentx4783.deviantart.com/

"Can you do flannery from pokemon cutting down a tree with a chainsaw and in the process of cutting it?"
Sure. Why not?

This time, I've tried a rather different approach in painting. Instead of blending stuff over and over again, I've tried using a simple, flat colour for the shadow and highlight. The process is much simpler, yet the result is rather satisfying. All in all, I feel very happy with the painting.

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