Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2013

Bigger, and ultimately, better, this year Comic Fiesta is indeed the epitome of epicness. Taking place at Halls 1-6 of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, this is by far the biggest ACG event held in the country, with over than 30 000 attendees! Indeed, words alone cannot justify this awesome experience, but nevertheless, I will try my best to show you how great the event was.

(pardon me if the amount of pictures included are not that significant. I spent most of my time cosplaying).

The view outside the hall is astounding. People queuing up to buy the tickets and enter the hall on day 1 stretched as far as the eye can see, and believe it or not, I've had to line up for almost 2 hours!

Even outside the hall, we can see people cosplaying and taking pictures, an it is indeed a remarkable sight.

And now, for the view inside the hall.

First up, we have the display of Comic Fiesta 2013 100-day countdown arts from various artists. A sight to behold i must say, as each prints show intricate details and enthusiasm for this year Comic Fiesta.

At the next hall is the  League of Legends 'The Legends Circuit' grand final, between team Singapore Sentinal, KL Hunter, IS and KTHXBAI. The crowds went really wild here, cheering for their favourite team. Too bad my favourite team lost that tournament tho.

Jumping straight to Hall 1, where the stage event is, we can see the main highlight of Comic Fiesta 2013, mainly the cosplay competition and the band performance. As usual, we have awesome MC complemented with a very fantastic stage set-up.

Rocking it hard, dude!

Did I mention we got a Miku Hatsune dance performance? Yes, it was breathtaking.

And it's time for some cosplay pictures! 

This year, I've cosplayed as a Blood Raven Space Marine. I've made this suit for almost 5 month, and it's totally worth it.
Eat bolt shell, heretic!
Walking in this big ass suit is really, really hard.

"Where are you touching?"

Let's don't forget about little kids too!  We serve to protects little kids in the name of the Emperor!
Modern day soldier meeting a far future supersoldier.

And just like previous year, we have this awesome Gundam 00 cosplayer. Look at that amount of details...

I haven't took that much cosplayer pictures this year, but here are some of it.

Slenderman + Enderman = Big trouble 
Watchdogs cosplay...

The best moment of Comic Fiesta for me is meeting another Space Marine ( Night Lord Space Marine, a heretic). The moment I saw him, I instantly charged at him shouting 'FOR THE EMPEROR'!!!!!
Caused a little commotion afterward but in the end we become best buddies. 

Nice weapon you got there! Mind if I 'borrow' it?

Best buddy afterward... heh
At the end of the event, we have a live performance by the one and only... LIVETUNE! This is by far the best performance I've had for a while. Livetune is indeed a genius himself, for composing such wonderful and awesome songs.

"One more time!"
And loots. Lots of loots. Spend quiet an amount of money to buy all these stuff, but it's totally worth it!

And that's it folks! Sadly, this year will be the last Comic Fiesta for me, as I have to continue my studies far, far away next year. Thus, I've made this year Comic Fiesta my most memorable and enjoyable (and most painful, with the leg cramp and sore muscle) event I've had this year. Thanks to the Comic Fiesta Committee, Felynes, Helpers, Sponsors, Partners, Exhibitors, Artists, Cosplayers, Visitors, Fans and most importantly the visitors in making the epic CF 2013 possible. You guys are indeed LEGENDARY!

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