Sunday, September 8, 2013

Animangaki 2013

Better late than never right?

With that, I present to you, Animangaki 2013! Your favourite ACG event is now back, evolving bigger and better at the same yet more spacious venue -- the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center! With the theme; Victorian era, it is indeed one classy event for all sire and madame of all ages to attend.

With that, enjoy my photo report for the Animangaki coverage...

Lots and lots of people!

As usual, Touhou Hisetenkou tournament.

I wasted no chance to draw my OC, Magister Magi Kid.
The MC for this year.

A performance by our very own Idol group.

Bzing! The Star Wars group with their menacing light saber performance.

Cosplay competition! Our juries themselves were very remarkably stylish.
When Jeff the Killer met Slenderman.
Animangaki mascot!

They used an umbrella to imitate sonic spinning attack thingy...
No doubt they are the best. 
An now for some awesome figures photoshoot.

Now, for the moment you were waiting for, cosplay photos!

Best SnK cosplay.


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