Friday, June 14, 2013

C2AGE SLAM (Seventh Legendary Animation Mania) 2013

With all kinds of performances to enjoy, competitions to enter, merchandises to buy, and also hearts and desires to fulfill, we brings you the report for C2AGE, with the theme of "Seventh Legendary Animation Mania" (C2AGE SLAM) on the 8th and 9th of June 2013.

The queue is okay, and the outside air is indeed refreshing.
The opening ceremony, with celebrity guests.
Alodia, Reika, etc, what could you ask for more?
Standing for Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition, C2AGE is all about the community of the unique, inspiring, amazing, and enticing world of the Japanese anime & manga, American comics, and games around the world.

Vroooommm...... Digital gaming section.
Cardfight Vanguard and Magic the Gathering playing lesson in the analog gaming section.

A collection of automotive, a lots of them.  

A game of cosplay chess for the cosplayer to enjoy.
Let's duel.
I managed to sneak right into Clive Lee's Mecha Cosplay seminar. It is really helpful indeed, for my future plan of mecha cosplay (hint: warhammer 40k).

This guy give his lecture wearing his Gundam cosplay. How cool is that?

And now, without further due, cosplayers picture time!

Sci-fi for you and me.

2 Chuni 4 You?

Black Wargreymon. Ahh... my childhood. I want to snuggl

Union Jack. 
Wth is that tennis guy doing there anyway. Oh well.
 All in all, this is a great event. I had a wonderful time, and needless to say it has been a great weekend for all of us. This will mark a great soon to come future event, for all anime, manga and games lover. Well, thank you and see you soon!

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