Saturday, November 3, 2012

Showcase: Rkidz Dynasty Necron Doomsday Ark

The Doomsday Ark is a technological wonder, easily eclipsing the primitive energy weapons of the Imperium. Even fired at low power the doomsday cannon is ferociously destructive; when firing at full effect, its searing energy beams burn many times hotter than more conventional plasma weaponry. Infantry caught in the doomsday cannon's fury are obliterated instantly; armoured vehicles reduced to glowing slag. In the face of a shot from a doomsday cannon, nothing less than a Titan's void shields can hope to offer anything more than a fool's hope of protection.

The Rkidz Dynasty Doomsday Ark is a proof of the Necron Army deadly and undeniable shows of strength. WZIth its main weapon, it will tear the ranks of the enemy with ease, and broke the morale and the will of the enemy.

The mighty machine has arrived!
The side view.

Behold the awesome Doomsday Cannon!
The pilot who controls the machine.
Side gauss flayer that can 'broadside' the enemy ranks.

Doomsday Cannon fully charged with energy.

An awesome model indeed.

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