Saturday, November 3, 2012

Showcase: Rkidz Dynasty Necron Overlord, Imotekhkidz

Imotekh is a grand strategist, perhaps the most accomplished the galaxy has ever known, and his campaigns operate not only across worlds, but across entire star systems and sectors. So impeccable are the logical patterns behind the Stormlord's strategies that the only way a foe can truly gain meaningful advantage is to abandon all logic themselves.

This time, Imotekh had joined the Rkidz Dynasty, bearing the name of Imotekhkidz, the Phaeron of Rkidz Dynasty. With him rallying the army, there will be none that can stop the Dynasty's goal of galaxy conquest. Let they know who will rule the galaxy once again.

Imotekhkidz, Phaeron of Rkidz Dynasty.

Clad with lots of golds. Shiny!

One of my favourite part is the basing. Looks very cool!

Imotekhkidz rallying the Immortals.
Imotekhkidz commanding the Warrior.
Imotekhkidz with the Deathmarks.
Imotekhkidz, leading the march of the Dynasty.

Let us see who will win the war.

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