Sunday, September 30, 2012

Warhammer 40 000: Dark Vengeance review

Ready your weapons, for you are about to enter a galaxy where there is only war! Forty thousand years in the future there is no peace amongst the stars, only a brutal warfare and planetary conquest. Warhammer 40 000 brings all the action onto a single tabletop. You command armies of miniatures in a game of daring, cunning and untold slaughter.

Warhammer 40 000: Drak Vengeance is the most recent starter set that contain all the essential miniatures kit that you need to start your own army. At your orders, armoured vehicles will lumber forwards, warriors will unleash hails of automatic fire and heavy artillery will blast the foe. It is the decisions you make that will decide who claims victory!

The box cover is simple but nice.
 Two armies of miniatures are included in Dark Vengeance. You can command an army of noble Dark Angels, or be the leader of the corrupted followers of the bloodthirsty gods of Chaos.

The side view.
And the back view, where the miniatures available are displayed.
Open Sesame! And there is it, a lots of awesomeness ready to be assembled and prepared for battle!

The miniatures' parts. My hands are trembling to cut and assemble them....

A close up view. wow.

Look at the detail of the miniatures.... so... so..... epic!
The booklets and rule book, perfect for anyone who had just started to dwell in this intoxicating hobbies. Looks like the number had just grown.

The greatest part is, they are in FULL COLOURS!!!!!
Rulers, dice and templates, for your own convenience.
Did I mention that this is the limited edition version? Well, you got a FREE Interrogator-Chaplain! YES! With his own rule card and bits.
Wage war over the tabletop battlefield, unleashing torrents of fire, darkening the skies above with flyers and smash aside your opponents with chainaxes and power swords. In the grim darkness of far future, there is only war....

Ready for my next project, codename OVERLORD.
Happy Wargaming.

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