Saturday, June 16, 2012

Culture Japan Night Malaysia

Culture Japan Night is an event that takes place around the world which brings together folks who share the same passions for Japanese Pop Culture. These folks are brought together to grow their own network of not just business contacts but new friendships too.

Setting up for the event.....
And here is our host, Danny Choo himself!

Dolfie! Very, very kawaii indeed....

Even Datuk Jimmy Choo was there. A very special VIP.

Lining up to meet Danny Choo. 

Meeting Danny Choo is a very wonderful experience! He is awesome!

Also managed to take a picture with Datuk Jimmy Choo! 
'I am your father! Now, peace!'
Mirai cosplayer.

Didn't I mention that I somehow managed to win a Lucky Draw on that night? Hehe... awesomesauce....
That Warmachine....

It was a very interesting night. Although a bit crowded, I still managed to meet a lots of new friends and comrades. Furthermore, it was a wonderful experience to gather on such event.

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