Friday, June 15, 2012

Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012

One word to summarize Anime Festival Asia 2012, and it was.... EPIC! 
Even words cannot describe the epicness of AFAMY, so let the pictures do the talking......

The first thing you can see after stepping in the hall is a large Bushiroad booth featuring their latest release, Cardfight Vanguard.

Garena booth featuring League of Legends. Amumu is there too!

Animax was organizing an event where people can become a voice actor! 

Goodsmile Company showcased their most anticipated figure at that time, The Ultimate Madoka figure!

This figure is really awesome! Pre-order it now! Really hurts my pocket though....

Good Smile next release, Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid! Can't wait....

People were watching Japan GT at Sepang which was held at the same day as AFAMY. Everyone, cheers for Racing Miku!
Stop Piracy! Oh, get free goodies too!


Lining up for the concert. Too bad I didn't join.... Maybe next time.
The stage event was being held at the other hall. And yeah, Danny Choo, one of the most well-known and respected bloggers of Japanese pop-culture in the world was the official host of AFA MY 2012 for many of the main stage events.
Japanese J-pop artists line up!

Everyone excited for the regional cosplay competition....
We got Naruto.....

The duo from Kuroshitsuji.....
And also Rozen Maiden!
Cosplay superstars, Kaname and SP Cats were the judges....
The winner will represent Malaysia to compete with the region's best cosplayers from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, at the Regional Cosplay Championship. 
In the end, the Kuroshitsuji duo won and will represent Malaysia in the next  Regional Cosplay Championship which will be held in Singapore during Anime Festival Asia in November 2012.

And now..... cosplay pictures time!!!

The Malaysian Cosplayers group photo!

Me cosplaying as Man in Black on day 1.

Also cosplayed as an ANBU ninja on day 2.

My little brother first time cosplaying!
Managed to get a photoshoot with Danny Choo!!!
Some of the goodies I managed to buy on AFAMY. And look, the Moekana was signed by Danny Choo!

Anime and Japanese popular culture has a strong following in Malaysia. There are approximately 500,000 people who are exposed to anime and this number is growing with the industry. With this, I hope that Anime Festival Asia Malaysia will grow into an event that Malaysians can be truly proud of and call their own.

Well, see you at next year AFAMY!

By otaku, for everyone....

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