Saturday, May 26, 2012

Showcase: Rkidz Dynasty Necron Army - Necron Warriors, Immortals, Deathmarks and Scarabs.

'Their number is legion, their name is death.'

The Necron of Rkidz dynasty has finally awoken, and ready to begin their quest to rule the galaxy once more. This ancient warrior strike fear at the heart of the enemy, as they are fear incarnate itself. None can stop their march, and they annihilate anyone walking in their path. Let the galaxy know its true ruler once more.

Painted with a rusty metal and green catacomb themed paint scheme, they are ready to obliterate their enemy. Also, for those who wonder how did I make the crystal thingy, its actually some leftover sprue of Necron Warrior's green rod. Awesome effect somehow. I'll be painting the vehicle next after this, and also the HQ of Rkidz Dynasty. Coming soon...... 

Happy Wargaming!



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