Thursday, May 10, 2012

Necron Army progress

Greetings, wargamers. Today, I'll post a little update on my Necron army. Still thinking of the name of the Dynasty.... Hmm... Is Rkidz Dynasty good? Or Animus, Otakus, etc? 

Well, apart from that, I've painted the Necron with a rusty, ancient, metallic theme. They are quiet nasty and looks very old. Planned to do a basic, shining Necron at first, but somehow it didn't turn well. Urghh... Must be because of my noobish painting skill. Well, lets take a look at it, shall we?

The basic infantry of the Necron army, Necron Warrior, painted and ready for action.

Next squad to be painted : the Immortals.
Painted most of the Necron warriors, only a little detailing remains. I'll go with metallic rust and green color scheme right now. What do you think?

Also, note that I've tested to base the Necron Warrior with the new texture paint. It's quite good actually, considering the amount of effort and time needed.

I think that is a little update from me. Well, time to continue to paint the elite!

Happy Wargaming......

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