Monday, April 2, 2012

Radical Anime Game Expo - RAGE!

EMINA Japanese Animation Club proud to present you,the spiritual successor to GACC..."RAGE!"

RAGE! like its powerful predecessors GACC, was held in Malacca Historical City except now they are moving to a bigger and more happening vanue (it was next to the hot tourist spot,Jonker Walk). A lots of interesting activities was held there such as funny to the bone cosplay competition, gamers battling each other, hipster trading card gamer with their boxes of waifus, friendly doujin-ka, wide variety of anime merchandise, awesome stage performances, epic band playing epic songs and last but not least, crazy fun for everyone!

Pretty crowded, but still very exciting.
A guest performance by Shiomaru!
Electronic gaming section, where people test their gaming skill.
A lots of anime DVD...... what to chose.......
Anime merchandise section. Grab one figurine now!
Doujin section. 
A school themed mini cafe. Interesting......

Look! Nyan cat!!!!!!
What do we have here? A gun dealer??? Wow. (It's fake by the way).
RPG stage performance! It's sure a funny one!

And now for some cosplayer pictures.....
Wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!

Well, I've tried to cosplay as Jin Kazama on day 1. What do you think?

Pictures from the Solo Cosplay Competition on the second day.

I've entered this cosplay competition too! Cosplayed as Uchiha Itachi. 

Cosplayed as Itachi on the second day. Eat Kunai!

These 2 days at RAGE sure is a blast! I've many cosplayers, had a great little barbeque night with the Felyne Brigade, and even entered a cosplay competition. Didn't win though, but it is an awesome experience. A very, very memorable event. Can't wait for another event this year!



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