Saturday, March 17, 2012

Music Carnival Cosplay Pose-Off Showdown

Another cosplay event was held  as Popular Bookstore host the Cosplay Pose-Off Showdown for Music Carnival in Petaling Jaya. Held in 17 March 2012, this event is a small but worth it for cosplayers who want to show their skills and talents. Prizes given worth up to US$ 700 (RM 2, 200) in total and any cosplayer can enter this competition without any fees. 

They need to show off their best 3 poses to the judges and audience to qualify for the final. And after that, they need to present their awesome dance move in five minutes to make the judges impressed and the crowd cheering. A lucky draw was also held and the prizes sure is fascinating.

This is indeed a small but great event for cosplayers to know each others and sharpen their skills.

The guys from Comic Fiesta is Back! They are awesome.
Naruto, ready to fling his large shuriken!
Ciel Phantomhive girl version. Also known as the 'Cake Dress'.
Indiana Jones whipping and ready to rumble!
Some Gundam characters.... I guess he is hiding something fishy behind that mask....
The only group cosplayers. Bunch of Shinigamis tried to GB Haninozuka. Watch out!
Mio Akiyama with cat ears!
Rin kagamine posing, with a gun....
That's a nice looking halberd you got there....
She's looking at you and ready to hack and slash.
"I'm the Pirate King!"
Cosplayers posing together after the end of the first round.

And the finalist is announced!

And the first prize goes too......... Naruto! The greatest ninja! I guess going mainstream has it benefit.

Cosplayers taking picture together! What a blast!

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