Sunday, February 12, 2012

Warhammer 40 000; Assault on black Reach review

In the 41st Millennium. the galaxy is a war ravaged battlefield. Untold thousands perish as cities empires and even whole worlds are torn asunder in the maelstrom of battle. Blood is the only currency and victory the only goal.

Just bought a new Warhammer 40 000 miniatures set; Assault on Black Reach. Warhammer 40 000 is a game that allows you to fight conflicts between human and alien warriors on a tabletop battlefield. Opposing armies are comprised of models, assembled and painted, representing the armed forces that have been chosen. These models that can be found on this box set is used to recreate the clash between Space marines and Orks during the defense of Black Reach. Alternatively, you can fight any of a hundreds wars on a thousands worlds, inventing your own campaigns or re-enacting famous battles from the warhammer 40 000 universe.

The front cover of Assault on Balck Reach.
The back side, showing the things you can find in the box.
I also bought a box of paint to start my painting.
 The aim of every Warhammer 40 000 player is to fight battles against other players. Win or lose, all battles are entertaining challenges in which you try to out-think and out-play your opponent, taking advantage of what good luck comes your way, but ultimately relying upon sound tactic to win the day. Collecting a battle-winning force and learning how to use it is something that any committed player can achieve with time and experience.

Unboxing time!

The first thing you'll notice when opening the box is the sheer amount of miniatures you have in your possession.

From a small core of troops you can add new squads, gradually painting your forces and bringing them to battle, expanding your army as your generalship improves, until you are ready to play huge, sweeping battles with hundreds of troops and fighting machines on each side.

The booklets for a quick introduction to the Warhammer 40 000 universe and a simple but handy rule book.

Rulers and geometry set included for your convenience.
The painting set is pretty much simple to paint your army.  You can buy more to expand your choices of army template.
In this box there is enough models to start playing games, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Warhammer 40 000 presents you with everything you could ever need to bring the wars of the 41st Millennium to life. An entire galaxy of war machines, monster, heroes and villains awaits your discovery. From the noble Space Marines to the brutish Orks; from conscripted companies of Imperial Guard to the Daemon infested tanks of the Chaos Space marines, there's truly incredible range of miniatures to collect, paint and lead to ultimate victory.

Finally, finished assembling. You can see the battles raging between Space Marine and Orks.
The Captain of the Space Marines, ready to engage the Orks Warboss.
I didn't paint it yet, but next time, I will show you how it looks after it has been painted.

Welcome to our hobby. May countless victories be ours, and may the dice always roll sixes.....

Oh, and for your information, I'm planning to make a Necron army; ageless and deathless enemy of the living.


  1. Wow! Dude, you are taking the plunge, LOL, congrats and welcome to the hobby. Hmm.. good choice on Necron, their codex just got updated (Nov 2011 if I remember correctly).

    The AoBR box looks awesome (I never do get my hand on one, I collect traitor marine, a.k.a. Chaos Space Marine), but one thing at a time, I guess you should start painting one faction before you start your Necron =p

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks dude!I'm still new at this kind of hobby thingy, still learning about the rules and how to play. Lol.... I never knew painting the miniature was so intoxicating.......

      The new Necron battleforce box had just been released. Still collecting some money to get it though....... Anyway, this Assult on Black Reach box set really helps noob like me.

      Well, see you on the battlefield!

  2. lol, i've started like 1 year something but until this moment i'm still not sure how to play a game, im a noob too =p yeah, painting minis can be damn addictive!



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