Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The first army I've painted!

Playing Warhammer 40 000 with models straight out of the box is fine. However, battles look much better when your army are painted ( to get the FEELING of war!). This time, I will show to all of you how I paint my first army of miniatures. Please guide me as I'm still a newbie! Okay, here it goes!

Ready all the materials! The miniature (of course), paints, paintbrush, water, tissue, newspaper and a place with good light source.

Start by undercoating the Space Marines with undercoat black paint.


After that, the armour is painted with a layer of Mordian Blue paint.

To get the best result, apply several other layers, and Ultramarines Blue paint for highlight.

Then, I apply Burnished Gold paint to some of the decorations. Shiny!

After that, Skull White paint was applied to the brighter area (the cape, the banner, and some details).

Blood Red paint is then applied to the cape and some other details.

Looks good enough! But wait, it is not finished yet.....

Applied Badab Black washes to the Space Marine to provide shading.

Done! Now, wait it to dry.....

Finally, I paint some important details like the face, the gun, and the banner. To finish it off, the base are painted and decorated, to provide scenic looks to my miniature.

Done! Now my miniature is ready to roll, and kick some xenos ass!!!

As a final note, this is the first time I've painted this kind of thing, yet I enjoy it so much. Painting miniatures can be so intoxicating that you will lose tracks of time. For those who want to enjoy painting and want to do it for the first time, you can start off by having the starter Paint Set box. And remember, there is no way for quick and easy success. Practice is the key! Good luck and have fun!

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