Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~ My Girlfriend is the President

It started out as an ordinary morning, woken up by my childhood friend. Had a good breakfast…. An ordinary, everyday eroge scene. Or… so it seemed. Things would never be the same from that day, as peaceful everyday life was blown to bits. An accident on a spaceship heading to earth, causes it to crash on the Prime Minister of Nippon’s office. The leaders end up in a state too horrible to see. To avoid chaos, the loli alien chose a girl who happened to be there, and to make ends meet, brainwashed all of mankind. Nippon adopts a presidential system overnight, and incredibly, a girl, my childhood friend, is the president. The world will answer to her every whim. 

You begin the title as Junichiro Hondo, woken up by your beautiful childhood friend Yukino Ohama sprouting your normal morning wood and being the overall pervert you are made out to be. Despite this erotic trait about you, you are friendly, social and a hit with the ladies. However things start to get a bit weird after you find yourself in the middle of the White… Snow House, with your girlfriend suddenly being made the President, you the vice president and a number of your other friends taking different roles in the presidential cabinet. As the only one who notices the change you also become acquainted with the loli alien Qoo who explains that after having crashed on earth (and seemingly killing the President of “The United States of Nippon”), they had to brainwash the population in order to cover up the event and making Yukino the president. From there, the story unfolds about the new President and vice-President…. and the President of Russia, a humanoid Starship and the chief of staff work together to keep things running while all vying for Junichiro’s attention. 

To to summarize, the comedy and political parodies were the winning components to the storyline along with all the plots that attempt to shake up the storyline. While I would have liked more character development at the start over introducing all the characters in the first chapter and then mixing their development together but in the end I felt they were developed at least adequately – along with having some more zany character ideas for secondary characters. 

Overall, while I would have loved to have seen the plot with all eroge references removed and more of a focus on the political comedy nature that it delivered, this is an enjoyable eroge visual novel that while not taking itself too seriously, didn’t take itself too lightly either. Alcot did a great job at developing this title.

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