Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poll winner #7

Ahoy matey! It's poll result time! This time, we will see who is the best Space Captain in the intergalactic world. Cruising with a cool spaceship, exploring new planets, killing nasty aliens, these captain is no ordinary man. Moving on, let see who is the Space Captain of your choices!

Captain Titus
5 (45%)

Marcus Fenix
1 (9%)

Commander Shepard
4 (36%)

Jim Raynor
1 (9%)

And....... Captain Titus of the Ultramarines dominated! Just as expected from a genetically breed superhuman wielding deadly chainsword and destructive bolter. He can take down as much Orks and nasty Heretics then even a gunship will do. Next, we got Commander Shepard, one who saved Earth and the stars from an alien invasion. He's pretty hot with the ladies too, just saying. And finally, we have a draw between the badass  Marcus Fenix and the relentless Jim Raynor, each fighting nasty xenos to save humankind. It is a tough intergalactic fight!

In the grim darkness of far future...... there is only war........

And the battles continue.........

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