Tuesday, December 20, 2011


MaGaCon ( Malaysia Gaming Convention) is Malaysia’s first annual independent Analog and Digital gaming convention run by Gamers for Gamers. It is a gathering of the gaming culture in Malaysia and a chance for people to experience the gaming culture and lifestyle of Malaysia. And guess what? I've been there, and it is a blast!

Codemaster game area, and yes, you can play racing game here.
Painting tabletop miniatures.... fun....
Thanks to the incredible generosity of KDU College the first annual MaGaCon is held in KDU College Damansara on December 17th till 18th 2011.

KDU College...... beautiful, isn't it?
Every major type of game will be offered for people who come to MaGaCon. There is LAN games in the PC gaming section, massive armies fight in the Miniature section,  group playing together at the board games tables and finally for those who wish to put their fantasy into reality they can play in the Rifts LARP.

Dancing fever! Yeah!
There is X-box 360, PS3, PC, and many more.....
Learning to play a Trading card games. 
WAAAAGH!!!!!! It's the Orks miniatures!!!!!!
A relaxation place for gamers..... and play some handheld console.......
Finally for hardcore people who live, sleep and eat gaming there is the GamerLympics where gaming skills will be pushed to the limit.

For your information, I've won the Warhammer 40k fanboi award! I feel so great!

Wooohooo!!!!!! I'm a Warhammer 40k fanboi!!!!

My first Warhammer 40k miniatures! Halfway painted, and planned to add more!
For two days gamers from all over Malaysia get together to play, compete, laugh and share their love of gaming. It is a memorable days indeed.....  Well, don't worry, MaGaCon will be held next year too! So, don't forget to come, and enjoy the wonder world of gaming! Until next time......

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