Friday, September 16, 2011


Do you ever seen someone have a nosebleed in real live? Rare. Okay, another one. Do you ever seen someone have a nosebleed in anime? Yeah! That's right! It is the classical anime nosebleed!~

Ero thinking can lead to nosebleed. Seriously.
Nosebleed. What is nosebleed? Well, nosebleed is the bleeding of your nose, when blood suddenly flow out from your nose, slowly or extremely. I have researched this phenomenon for some time now, and found a lots of opinions and argument about it.

Even the glasses won't protect you eyes!
Yeah, it usually occur when some anime character (usually male) see something that is arousing or stimulating. Giggity.For example, it happens in a situation where some cute schoolgirls flipped her skirt, or entering a bath house full of girls in it...... Or getting attacked by sexy no jutsu. .But don't get it wrong, female sometime experience nosebleed too, just as men do.

A situation where girl get nosebleed....... 
How does it happen? When a person is excited, his body responds by increasing the metabolism (through sympathetic system) and subsequently, the body temperature and heart rate rise. In respond to the increased temperature, the vessels dilate. Plus, as a result of higher heart rate, the blood pressure becomes higher. When you have a ballooned blood vessels and high pressure inside, it’s not so surprising that the part where blood vessels are abundant and weak is very prone to bleeding. And thus, blood will gush out from your nose and the nose bleeding occur. Does that make any sense?

You are not a man if you don't get nosebleed after seeing that.

Whatever the reason is, anime is so wonderful, isn't it?

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