Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kira*Kira - A must have i-phone apps for galge lover

A mobile galge.....
Yes. I love galge. I love it more when I can play it anywhere, anytime. Especially, when it is in your own i-phone. For those who love galge (or visual novel) but can only understand english, this is a highly recommended apps. 

Kira*Kira had a pretty decent story, with 4 different endings. A simple story about a big brother and her little sister. And no, this is not an incest eroge. Even when the setting seems simple, this galge had a deeper story line, one that could make your little heart soften and finally, making a man crying. Just make sure you didn't fall into the bad end though (because you will eventually). 

This is an event. Seriously.

It was winter; I had lost everything in the snow.
I was 15 years old.

There was something… I thought I had it, but I didn’t have it from the very beginning.

I had always turned away from trouble.

Your eyes... your back…

Even the moment when you fell from the sky to the ground.

That house. Mother threw child from the balcony.

……My name is Nanao Hasebe.
I have a younger sister.
It already has been 5 years from that incident. Today, I am going to pick up my only member of my family in the world.

(I made a new home. I am an adult. I can protect you. I will never hurt you.)

That day when I thought I had it, which had been lost, beautiful, something… glittery.
I can now retrieve.
We can become a family again.


And thankfully, the english version had come out!
Nanao Hasebe

The main character. The story proceeds from Nanao’s point of view.
Serious young man, a nerd. A little work-a-holic.
Regrets not stopping his mother’s abusing his younger sister.
Now he is an adult and determined to take care of his sister.

Yae Hasebe

Heroine. Miraculously survived a fall from 5th floor balcony.
From that traumatic experience, Yae couldn’t speak so had to live apart from Nanao.
Nanao wants to take care of her but what is Yae’s intention……

Kotori Takanashi

Will only appear in the sequel?Little Bird,in my sky.
(The sequel will be from Yae’s perspective.)
A senior from Nanao’s work. A professional photographer who specialize in taking photos of beautiful girls. He is good looking but a wastrel.

Only you can decide on what will happen on her..... or you......
As a conclusion, this is a must buy apps for i-phone user. Seriously. Not only it is cheap, (free for the muted version) the story is touching too. Sure there is a lot of galge out there, in the apps store, but rarely you find the english one (and a cheaper one), for your i-phone. I sure hope that they will release another galge like this in the future. Ok, time for gaming!


  1. Is there a version for android phones?

  2. Why cant i find it in my appstore!!!����

    1. Probably region locked or got removed for some reason.
      Most of the stuff on the apple app store nowadays are otome games....



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