Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poll winner #5

Welcome back!

Its...... Poll result time! This time, we will find out who is the most loli-est character, voted by you! Loli is not a bad thing, although it always been misunderstood by the community. It is a way to show our care. In fact, Loli = MOE!
Without wasting any time.......

Who is the loli-est character?!

And the result is.....

Victorica (Gosick)
3 (30%)

Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima)
1 (10%)

Aria H Kanzaki (Hidan no Aria)
1 (10%)

Hakase (Nichijou)
0 (0%)

Index (To Aru Majutsu no Index)
2 (20%)

Tenshi (Angel Beats!)
3 (30%)

Kuroneko (Ore no Imouto)
1 (10%)

Azunyan (K-ON!)
4 (40%)

IkaMusume (IkaMusume)
1 (10%)

Taiga (Toradora!)
1 (10%)

Yami ( To Love Ru)
2 (20%)

Eve ( Black Cat)
5 (50%)

Everyone favourite Eve wins the poll!!!  She so cute and cool, so no wonder she dominate all. And surprisingly, we got Azunyan at the second place..... Awww...... And, the foreign newcomer, Victoria got the third place. Congratulations!

They all look good in nekomimi..... Nyaaa~

And the battles continue.....

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