Saturday, July 9, 2011

Poll winner #3

Beautiful cry.....
Hello! Welcome back, to the Otaku Club Poll result! We will anounce which anime that had made a tough guy crying. Let's.......... go!

Anime which made you cry......

And the result is.......

  10 (28%)
Angel Beats
  12 (34%)
One Piece
  7 (20%)
Fruit Basket
  9 (25%)
  3 (8%)
Onegai Teacher
  2 (5%)
Cowboy Bepop
  2 (5%)
  4 (11%)
Love Hina
  2 (5%)
  3 (8%)

Wow! Looks like Angel Beats beat Clannad, eventhough the story is short. It is packed will a lot of humor and adventure early on, and the resolution is pretty sad. Wish they made a longer one though. Clannad is second, with it sad, long story, and behind it is Fruit Basket, a slow and steady sad anime. Okay, that's it! This is some of the anime that will sure make tears coming out from your eye socket. 

And the Poll battles continue.......

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