Friday, May 27, 2011

Otaku Club is everywhere!

Yeah! That's right. Otaku Club is everywhere now! We've created a new e-mail account for the Otaku Club and now otaku club is all around the internet! Like our page on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Watch us on Deviant Art! Send us messages on our e-mail! And...... follow our blog! We will be really glad if you do so, and we will promise to improve our service from time to time, bringing the hottest anime and games review, high quality anime pictures, manga, customer service and much more! Looking forward for the greater good! By Otaku, for everyone.....

E-mail = otakuclubrkidz@hotmail.com

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We are recruiting for writers to write post on this blog! Post a lot of anime, manga and game stuff, and spread the otaku love to all the peoples! So please, if you are somehow interested, creative or love to post anime stuff, answer my call!

Also, we are looking for admins for the Otaku Club page on Facebook! Post your comment here or on the Otaku Club Facebook page, and be the part of Otaku community!

What are you waiting for? Spread the Otaku love......

By Otaku, for everyone.