Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anime Fanz! Like us!

Nothing special. Just doing a little favour for my Otaku friends. Yup. I'm gonna promote the anime fan page here. Like it! And don't forget to like the Otaku Club too!


This is an anime fanz page..Feel free post any anime just make sure not very hentai~>.< " Anyway..We anime lovers need you to support our page.. We will try to improve our page..Arigatou everyone~= ^.^=

We also have other anime.. Posting everyday and everything! Anime feelings, activities, Game, jokes and MORE! XD Feel free to paste anything u want wheter ecchi, couples and love, horror and more! You can also share your information about anime and manga with us and we'll share ours ^^ Hope you like/love our page! Rules in this page:

1) no fully and complete of naked anime pic, video and more in this page (no no no! >.<) i will alowed anime with bikibi =^^=

2) Feel free to post anything about anime and manga ^w^

3) If there's any question u want to ask please inform us ^^

4) no real fighting and hating each other member ^w^

5) Please be nice to other member and admin. You do that and we'll respect ya ^^

6) Enjoy our page and we'll love you !

7) HAVE FUN! We also post a news about the oldest to latest anime and manga ^^ SO HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR PAGE!

I dont know what to wrote about this page~
This is the page where we can share anime news together~
It's ALL about anime and manga ^w^ ~
Posting everyday and everything only about vocaloid and anime too! Anime feelings, activities and more! Join us now!~

Click on the link!:


  1. wow so cool
    but first can i ask something ..???
    what is the anime name of Anime fanz like us
    please reply !

    1. What do you mean? It's just a FB fanpage....
      Be specific maybe?



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