Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pray for Japan

Lets pray, shall we?
It's been about a month after the earthquake and tsunami incident had occured in Japan. It is indeed a sad and terrible news, not only for Japan's citizens, but also for all of us from around the world. Worst of all, the damaged nuclear reactor had been labelled as a Level 5 radiation site, on par with what happens on Chernobyls in the old day. The government of Japan is still struggling to control the radiation crisis while maintaining the order in society.

We here in Otaku Club, are here, praying for them and do the best we could. Meanwhile, here are some news that may interest you despite all the disaster.

One of Japan's famous heroes, the Kamen Rider is found standing tall and proud, despite being bombarded by the 10 metre tsunami wave. The city of Ishinomaki, Miyagi, which is also the birth city of Kamen Rider had been struck by tsunami and the building around the city is all but destroyed. But the Kamen Rider statue (or memorial, i think) are not even harmed, and this had given courage and hope to the victims so that they never give up. A true hero indeed!

Manga-ka Yamane Ayano in his Twitter account stated that there is a major problem with the paper and ink supplies since the earthquake and tsunami incident. The factory located in Ishinomaki, Iwanama and Nakoso, had it supply completely depleted. This incident also had affected the releasing date of some books. Publisher Weekly Magazine had stated that this disaster had been affecting badly to the paper and ink supplies, including the colorings that had been used widely on manga industry.

Shogakukan had given a special message to the victims of earthquake and tsunami on SPI-NET official website,  http://spi-net.jp/message/index.html .They had published a message in form of illustration from many mangaka, including Hanasaki Akira, Yoshida Sensha, Soda Masahito, Murakami katsura, Hosono Fujihoko, Hamada Brittany and Katou Yogi. Each week, this website will publish messages from different mangaka. Weekly Shone Jump magazine official website had also released messages from various mangaka: Toriyama Akira, Tite Kubo, Akimoto Osamu, Shihonura Kenta, Tamura Ryuhei, Sakaki Kenji, Murase Katsutoshi, Iwamoto Naoki, Sakaki Shota, Amano Akira and Oishi Koji.

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