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We want your request!

Hoho!!! It's been a long time..... Well, lets get to the point!

Hmmm, I have a good news for all of the otaku fans out there! First of all, I am pretty much surprised to see the pageview per day of this site getting higher and higher each day! Well, thanks for your cooperation and support!

Secondly, as you can see, much of the view are on the pictures of anime I've uploaded. And guess what!? I have a great idea! We want you, as the viewer to submit your request on what picture of anime you want to have here! Just write your request on the comment box. And also..... I am opening any request for any commission in my Deviant Art! Ask what you want me to draw, and hopefully, I will try to accomplished it!

Well, more goodies to come! So... stay tune! By Otaku, For Everyone!

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Angel Beats OVA

One day, I've done a little shopping on the town. The I saw it. Well, At first I though it was nothing, but then.... what? an OVA? Well, I quickly bought it and watch it when I go back home. And God,.... I laughed so hard that day.

????????????? WATAFA??????????????
A quick review, shall we? Yuri comes up with Operation High Tension Syndrome, in which the other members would have to act wildly at a “high tension” as much as possible ( and by high tension, I mean doing ordinary thing overly, and cwildly). Yuri hopes this mission would have Tenshi wonder they they’re having the time of their lives and not moving on, and lead them straight to God. Yuri threatens the others to go without food or drink for a week if the plan fails. They conduct this mission by repeatedly acting wildly in class, heavily eating food and soon a huge sports meet along with the other NPCs around. Soon after Tenshi appears and everyone was too tired after excerting too much energy, leaving only Shiina to express the cuteness of her soft animals. Later they follow Tenshi to a underground cave thinking they’ll find God, but inactuality to find an underground greenhouse where Tenshi is tending to the “cute” Turnips, after hearing the word earlier with Shiina’s confrontation. With the mission failed, Yuri forces everyone to fast for the whole week. Bad end......

Tough choice..... well, choose wisely
Well, the OVA is extremely funny, as each character tried their best to rise a high tension on everyone else. The one of the most notable feature that I can see is the tension meter, where it continuously turn back and forth, showing the scene "tension". At first, I though that 100 is the maximum point, but man, I laughed so hard whe suddenly, Shiina breaks the meter limit, reaching to 9999 when she express the cuteness of her plushies. 

9999 - CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Otonashi, for me didn’t really take that much of a role in this OVA, reluctant from the operation from the start I knew he wasn’t going to take part. Otonashi in “High Tension” doesn’t really suit him I think… Also the fact that this takes place inbetweern 4 and 5 means that Naoi wasn’t a member in the SSS and Tenshi was still their enemy…

Mafo Tofu Crazy night....... that leads to....... Stomach of destruction!

Yurripe was so mean in this episode not letting everyone eat/drink for a week. Well it’s not like that they’ll die ( they are in the afterworld.... duhhh) , but the authentic pain that everyone suffers is more worse! And man.... Yurippe is totally the best villain of all..... She had all the foods and drinks while watching her subordinates die in hunger.

They will not die..... literally..... but hell, thats mean......

 Well, that seems to be it for Angel Beats for the series…..  for now anyways. As it appears Maeda is currently (or was??) writing the scenarios for a planned visual novel version for the series! Unlikely that it’ll come out for a couple of years, but will obviously be godly with all the multiple endings and wotnot. Hmm.... more TK action anyone? 

TK is going to shine, with his dance move......


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