Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sora No Otoshimono Forte

Three Angeloids, Triple the trouble...

Hi! It has been so long since I've doing a little anime review. This time, it is about Sora No Otoshimono Forte. I know, I know..... It is kind of old, but I think this anime is a pretty interesting subject to review. Ecchiness? Drama? Comedy? Love story? Full of weird things? Battle? Beautiful angels? You can say it all here......As a introduction, the plot revolves around Tomoki Sakurai, a highly perverted young man struggling to live a peaceful life. His already-difficult life worsens when he encounters a fallen Angeloid named Ikaros, who soon becomes his servant. 

He sure looks tougher than Rei Mysterio......

Tomoki Sakurai is a young man whose motto is "Peace and quiet is the best", but he finds it difficult when he has to put up with a next door neighbor with a killer karate chop, an eccentric scientist bent on discovering the "New World", and a borderline sadist. One day, while he was witnessing a strange anomaly in the sky, a UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) falls from it. What falls from the sky is an Angeloid named Ikaros, who soon becomes Tomoki's servant. From then on, more Angeloids come to him, and with this, he finds himself struggling for his peace and quiet, but at the same time finds pleasant things in the Angeloids bring him.

Astraea is sure cute!......and dumb!......in a cute way!!!

This second season, introduce a new Angeloid aside from the original two Angeloids Ikaros and Nymph, named Astraea, a "Close-Combat Angeloid, Type Delta", sent by Synapse to kill Tomoki after he violates one of their rules. She is somewhat an airhead and has limited intelligence due to having low processing power, making her somewhat the dumb blonde of the group. She weighs 48 kilograms (105.8 pounds), stands at 159 cm (5feet 2 inches), and her wing type is stated to be "Not Variable" and "Super Acceleration".She is the last of the First-Generation Angeloids to break free from Synapse's control by Tomoki's influence; when she is ordered by the man of Synapse to eliminate Nymph, she breaks off her chain and engages in combat with Chaos. She mostly serves as the series' comic relief, alongside Tomoki. The duo often squabble, but will comically end up agreeing with each other on some absurd conclusion. 

Evil doesn't have to be ugly looking. A cute one is fine too, no, better!

Also there is an antagonist Angeloids acting like a final boss in this anime, Chaos, a "Second-Generation Angeloid, Type Epsilon". She is ironically the most miniature and child-like Angeloid, weighing 19 kilograms (her initial appearance, while she weighs 20kg in her Version 2 specs) and being only 107 cm in height. Her wing type is listed as "imperfect variable" and "amphibian", and she is equipped with an "anti-perception system" called Medusa and a "super-high-speed atomic vibration generator" called Chimera Her nun-like garments has the ability to manipulate her appearance through elaborated illusions, mimicking someone dear to her victim in order to instill turmoil and confusion (as her name implies), as she did against Nymph by taking on the likeness of Tomoki.She lacks wings like other Angeloids, instead sporting a wicked array of bladed, almost organic-like appendages which act as an offensive weapon. Unlike most Angeloids who lack the ability to dream, Chaos has the ability to enter another person's dream, once doing so against Tomoki in her initial appearance. What is most eerie about her is her strange obsession with love, having asked to Tomoki, Nymph, Astraea and Ikaros, often in an extremely creepy manner, what love is, to which Ikaros responded that love, for her, was a sensation of pain in her reactor, obviously in a figurative sense.

Who doesn't want become a master for this three Angeloids?

This is a very interesting anime indeed. You will be surprised as how the plot will twist so much.... not to mention on the climatic but happy ending. At one time you will laughing in front of the tv screen, at the others time you wipe off your tears, and there is also the time your blood gushing out from your nose (ecchi warning). I love how they make this anime so funny, despite the ecchiness ( good blend I presume). How can't you laugh when they held snowball fight that act like a shogun era war and finally ended with the general beaten up by a snow monster, or the time when there is a  fishing tournament which the condition to win is to catch the biggest boing-boing...........heheheh........ The voice acting and the graphic are all good, not to mention the great soundtrack which is all a different one at the end of each episodes. A little cliffhanger? Maybe? Because there is still some questions that need to be answered.

P.E. lessons is the best!!!

Overall, this is a must watch anime, if you can stand it. The main character 'manliness' is a very interesting thing to watch ( not recommende for girls though), and all the Angeloids are just memorable. The story are all twisted and mixed greatly, very fun and very hyped up. Just watch it already!

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