Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 anime!

Ok. 2010 is over. Make it as your memory flashback, and store it on your memory brain. Ready to receive some new fresh list of anime for the year 2011? Or did you already started? Haha! The Otaku Club had chosen some of the most anticipated anime this year (more will come soon!)! Don't forget to check it out!

- 7 January 2011

Seems like Sherlock Holmes, but it is not! This little gothika detective, is a girl, living in a little town called Sauville. Setting in the year 1924, it is about Victoria, who is a strange girl that like to be alone in the library reading books. But appearance is deceptive, as she can solve mysteries with an astounding ability. She then meet Kazuyu Kujo, who just moved to St. Marguerite Academy...

I.S. (Infinite Stratos)
- 7 January 2011

What is I.S? It is a very powerful weapon, piloted by talented pilots which used as a war machine in the future. But there is a catch! The machine can only be piloted by a girls! But Ichika Orimura, a 15 years old boy had somehow, managed to pilot it. What happened to his live after he had accepted to enter I.S. academy which consist of...... girls?

-9 January 2011

The manga had taken the heart of many fans. Now, the anime is ready to strike at us! See how Oga Tatsumi, a troubled High school  student meet a baby ( son of the Demon King) that somehow 'appear' mysteriously at the river. Taking care of baby sure turned out to be a mayhem! 

- 9 January 2011

Poor Sotoshi Yabe. Always being a target for the Mrui Triplets crazy act. Now, they return to strike Satoshi Sensei again! Futaba, Mitsuba and Hitohi will never be calm because it seems that class 6-3 will now become more merrier than ever!

-11 January 2011

An anime based on a popular light novel, it is about Ryuji Kisaragi, with his cousin, Eriko, who had somehow
found a little box. Surprising ly, this box 'contain' a dragon girl named Rose. Oh no! It had become harder to remove and protect it from the evil forces since that day!

This is only some anime that you can watch this January. Tune in for more hot anime that will be aired this year!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Artwork!- The Colour of Friendship


Friendship is the colour of life...... It is so beautiful.

A friendship art.
By Rkidz.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Artwork!- Gothic Catgirl


Gothic + Catgirl = Moe awesomeness.......

A Gothic Lolita + Catgirl Art.
By: R-kidz

My Artwork!- Dragon rage


When the dragon become angry, nothing can stop its way from destroying everything in its path......

A Dragon art.
By R-kidz.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Artwork!- Magister Magi Kid


Kid Magister magi mode ready to launch his magical spell! Take this!

A Magister Magi Kid Art.
By R-kidz.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Watch my DeviantART!

Wassup everyone! I can see new faces of 2011 in each of you. Despite the works and tight schedule that I have, I still managed to write and publish something for the Otaku Club.

Well guess what? I've finally made my own DeviantART account and publish some of my arts there! You can check it out here. If you want, you can be a watchers or add my arts as your favourites! I'm really looking forward to be a great illustrator, so I will pratice as hard as I can!

I will post new arts as much as I can when I'm free, so don't forget to check it out! Rate and comments if you want, so that I can improve my skill. Arigatou~


Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 !!!

3.....2......1....... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
That's right, it is 2011!!!!

Wow, time sure flew so fast.The world grew larger, and civilization is growing faster than ever....

Huhu.... Goodbye 2010......

 Did you remember Sailormoon? No? What about Pac-Man? Haha... The good old days.... When good old console such as NES had become a phenomenon, and Astroboy is everyone favourite anime. Now, we can see PS3, X-Box 360, and even intel core i7 processor that give an almost lifelike visual to a game such as Crysis. Even the anime is have a fantastic visualisation and give the watcher a story full of feeling and action such as HOTD or Code Geass. Back in the old days, people never realise that technology could be as awesome as today....

2010 sure deliver many interesting goodies. The long awaited Starcraft 2 sure bring the nostalgic feeling to gamers, and people are blown away by Call of Duty: Black Ops action packed gameplay. And the anime, wow, sure are fantastic. Zombies, Catgirl, Magician, Cute Alien, Fighting Girls bearing weapon? It is all there in 2010. The ending of Fullmetal Alchemist  also give a huge impact on fans.

Looking forward to what the future holds!

 2010 is the is the year when the Otaku Club is born. Since then, we made a lot of things and activity, starting with the Otaku Club manga-zine. After that, we made our own blog, held several competitions, made a sell and even participate in severals competitions under the otaku name. And one of our best achievement is when Heroes: after Effects had become our first movie, featuring all cast from the Otaku Club. We organized the Otaku Club 2010 games and anime awards and still looking for more interesting event. The Otaku Club also had just finished making their  first videogame, DOMINATION, which is a stepping stone for a more extragavant entertainment. A lot sure happen in 2010..... Good times.... Good times.....

Well, as much to say, we must look forward to what the future holds. And by 'look forward', I mean more great anime and games. There should be the long awaited second season of Angel Beats (maybe), HOTD (nosebeed) and many more. And for the gamers, don't forget to pre-order Gears of War 3, dawn of War 2: Retribution, FF: Dissidia 2, etc.....

Bloging sure make me tired..... Watch youtube for fun!

I'm sure that for those who are alert are sure prepared for the best. 2011 will be a great year indeed, for Otaku, even for everyone. It will be a golden year for Otaku Club and will sure bring anime, manga and games glory for all of you. Look for the future and remembers tahat as long as we draw our breath, our purpose to exist is to shine the world.

Anime, manga, games. By Otaku, For Everyone......

Mona Lisa + Konata = Kona Lisa


We are recruiting for writers to write post on this blog! Post a lot of anime, manga and game stuff, and spread the otaku love to all the peoples! So please, if you are somehow interested, creative or love to post anime stuff, answer my call!

Also, we are looking for admins for the Otaku Club page on Facebook! Post your comment here or on the Otaku Club Facebook page, and be the part of Otaku community!

What are you waiting for? Spread the Otaku love......

By Otaku, for everyone.