Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Video Games!!!

Holidays are great..... isn't it?

Hohoho!!! Greetings to everyone!!!! Lately, I'm pretty busy with some big project. A BIG project on making a videogames. So, I haven't have much time to write something here.... sorry for the troubles. So, I urge all of this blog readers, who want to be a writer too, to email me or post a comment here! You can write stuff on anime, manga or games and discuss the world of Otaku!

 Oh, and lastly, Happy holidays to all of you!!!! What presents do you wish  this time? I hope you all enjoy your holidays.Arigatou!!!

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We are recruiting for writers to write post on this blog! Post a lot of anime, manga and game stuff, and spread the otaku love to all the peoples! So please, if you are somehow interested, creative or love to post anime stuff, answer my call!

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What are you waiting for? Spread the Otaku love......

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