Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Social gamings?!

Social games.... There is more than meets the eye....
What is social gamings? For me, its an alternative and free way to play games other than MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Its a game about meeting your friends, chatting with them, meeting new friends, chatting again, etc.... Well, it is a light way to enjoy games for those who are new to the gaming world ( by gaming world, I mean real serious hardcore gamers), or those who want to play cheap, relaxing and tension releasing games. Well, typically, they all play this kind of game because it is very easy to access and..... free!

One of the most popular site for this kind of games is..... thum tarammm tarammmm ( well I know that you already know about this).... Facebook! All kind of social games and application are added into this site, and since everyone have facebook ( if no, go create one yourself, right now), everyone can play this thingy. Mafia War? Farmvile? Restaurant City? Plant vs Zombies? you can find it all here. I'm even spoilt for choices.....

yeah.... play now... or i'll shoot ya.
The weird thing is.... many of the games are just the same. Only different names and different companies who made them... well... different. For example, Mafia War is just the same as Crime City ( and Ninja War, Vampire War, etc), do jobs, fight other peoples, increase your level, and so on. Well that is just one reasons I don't play social games frequently this age. One another reason is.... I need to use real money to get virtual money. Crazy, isn't it? When I saw some cool item, let say cool clothes, for example, I quickly clicked the buy button to buy it. Then suddenly, they ask for YOUR real money, to get it. And then... comes the cursing words from my mouth.

Social gamings. It's ruining the games industry. Thats what I heard from many, many articles in the magazine, news and the internet. For me, yeah, it does have an impact on gaming industry. It is free, addictive, and too simple. It's defiling the good name of hardcore gamers, who each days battle to improve their skill, saving their pockets money to buy new games, have to play every second to finish 100% in that particular game and more importantly, achieving the pride as a true gamers. Well, social gaming just stop all this work.... as social gaming is just for social. People only play for fun, no need to rush, no need to worry. Well, I cannot blame all of them because this is all part of the nature, make something that look interesting , and people will come to see.

TinierMe! Come and join me now!
I also managed to play some social games. One of them is TinierMe, a game which you can create your own anime character and meets new people out there. Haha! Actually, I've started playing this thingy a long time ago..... but suddenly I forgot my account password after a long day of not logging in......Thus, I've completely stopped playing.... for a moment...... That time was so busy actually....... I got alot of things to do.....So, I managed to recover my password, and thus, started playing this thingy again! And.... I really hope that I will find some peoples who share the same interest as me... That is why I play this kind of games. Last advice, social gaming is good, but if you want to be a real gamers, avoid it. If no, stuck your but in your seat... and enjoy....

My cute little avatar in TinierMe!


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