Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Know yourself.
Know your enemies.
Dominate all.
Al last.... the first Otaku Club videogames had finished! Titled Domination, this is an action Bullet Hell Dodging type of games. This game is made by Unity 3D games engine, a very cool tool for those who want to make their own videogame.

The story begins when an AI program has entered a prototype tank, codename DOMINATRIX. The government made this AI program as an experimental future tech military weapon, far in the artic circle. Things suddenly go bad when the AI went rogue and begin to use the government own weapon against them. You, as the AI, begin your journey, breaking the military base and out to the jungle. The military of course will not let you go that easily. They come to hunt you down when you escape through the jungle, burn villages to halt your journey, and even advance to the city area by all mean to crush you.

Suddenly, something bad happened. Deep in the space, an army of several alien species was in war for many millenia. One of them try to make Earth as their forward base. Now, the fate of the world lies in your hand to stop them from invading, as even the military cannot stop them. March to the space, and finally stop them. Dominate them all......

This is what we call it, an Indie game. We will soon release it, and we hope that this will be our first step before making a much more great games soon!

By Otaku, For Everyone!

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