Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

A badass using a badass weapon. This is Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Hey again!!! How are you doing?! Fine? Ok. Lets get to the point. Have you played Call of Duty Black Ops? (stupid question, isn't it?). No? Then smash your piggy bank right now and find it on a store near you. What? Sold out? Duh..... This game had been sold about 6 million copies on the day it was released already. Nevertheless, this game is a damn well fine of art.... a wonder..... I think....    

Black Ops is a first-person shooter. The player assumes the role of a foot soldier who can wield various firearms, of which two at a time can be carried; throw grenades and other explosives; and use other equipment as weapons. A player close enough to an enemy can kill with one blow. A character can take three stances: standing, crouching, or prone; each affects rate of movement, accuracy, and stealth. The player can dive prone from a standing position when running. The player can momentarily sprint but will then grow tired. The screen glows red to indicate damage to a player's health, which goes away over time. When the character is within the blast radius of a live grenade, a marker indicates the direction of the grenade, helping the player to flee or throw it back. Among the game's weapons are crossbows with bolts and explosive ammunition, Dragon's Breath rounds and ballistic knives. 
Yeah, a whole lot of new weapons including the classic one during world war 2 that give COD: World at War player a feeling of Deja Vu. You can't find modern advanced weaponary thought, but still, having a Blackbird or an exploding crossbows round is pretty impressive. The other weapon such as M-16, AK-47, FAMAS, M-14 series, should be familiar with FPS player.

Looks like a ninja, sneaky like a ninja..... a gun wielding ninja?

 Call of Duty: Black Ops takes place during the Cold War, in the 1960s. The story focuses on CIA-backed clandestine black operations carried out behind enemy lines. These missions take place in various locations around the globe such as the Ural Mountains in central RussiaCubaLaos, and Vietnam. The single-player campaign revolves around an experimental Soviet chemical weapon codenamed "Nova-6".

The player mainly controls special forces operative Alex Mason and occasionally CIA agent Jason Hudson, as well as other characters. Mason often works with Frank Woods and Joseph Bowman, while Hudson teams up with Grigori Weaver, a Russian-born field operative. Viktor Reznov, a key character from the Soviet campaign in World at War returns. Its Russian protagonist Dimitri Petrenko also makes an appearance. Black Ops features several historical figures: Mason meets John F. Kennedy,Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro.
Ahh... crossbow.... a gentleman way of killing people....
The storyline is a little bit scripted though. A lot of them need you to follow a certain person until you reach a designated point. Run away a little bit from that person, then you will be awarded with a bullet shoot in your head. But, who cares? As long as there is explosions, a lot of explosions! The battlefield seems so realistic and live, it is just like you are the one who is onto the war. The setting is amazing, from a jungle, to the city, on a snowy mountain, until into a deep underwater facility, it seems so fantastic. You can also ride many kind of vehicle along the story: helicopter, jet, boat, tank link jeep- you name it. ( it does bug me how does the main character knows how to drive all of these thing). Above all, one of the most nostalgic feeling of playing this game is the return of Viktor Reznov. I still remember the first time I played and suddenly, holy shit?! Reznov?! He still got his cool and full of spirit personalities. Overall, the storyline is epic, although it is pretty strict on character development and quite hard to understand at the beginning. You will want to play, until all the plot of the game is revealed on this 4-5 hours of gameplay.

Do you ever taste a knife in your mouth during winter before?
I dont have much to say about this game though. The feeling of epicness is just to great. And have I mention about the multiplayer? The multiplayer is one of the greatest of all time: the multiplayer alone can be a standalone pack.
The online multiplayer mode of Black Ops retains the experience points and unlockable reward system that has been kept since Call of Duty 4. The game's multiplayer focuses on socialization and customization. "Create-a-Class 2.0" allows enhanced personalization with appearance items as well as upgradable perks; weapons are extensively customizable with writing, emblems, attachments and camouflage painting. Even reticles can be modified. There are more than one style for an attachment, which allows for a lot more personalized weaponry; for example, the player can choose between a red dot sight or a reflex sight, both of which share the same traits, they merely look different. Character models depend on the first tier perk instead of the weapon's type. Furthermore, face paints can be unlocked. New custom killstreak rewards include explosive R/C cars, guided missiles and controllable attack helicopters.

 Well, you got to play it if you want to love it. After you love it, you will get obsessed to it. And when you get obsessed to it, well, consider yourself as done. Lastly, one last word to describe this game: EPIC. We'll meet again. Roger and out!!!!
He should be arrested against the killing of edangered species.... I think....

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