Friday, November 19, 2010


Thinking about the future.....zzzzzzz

Yahoo!!!! It's finally the end of year holiday! Now I got a lot of time to do some blogging, finish the anime I haven't watch yet and conquer all the new released video games!!

There are some anime the interest me in this holiday..... There is one about the life of mangaka, zombies, catgirl, squidgirl (?!) and a lots more. I will tell you the review about it later. Oh, and don't forget, two new First-person shooting games; Call of Duty Black Ops and Medal of Honour is also around the corner. Gotta finish it soon after I grab my hand on it....

And so, that's all, for now..... I will publish some posts later on, so don't cry or eat the computer.... Yosh!

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