Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger

Blazblue. For the last time, it is called 'Blaze-Blue', not ' Blahz-Blue'.

A pretty  2-D anime style fighting game, this will be quite familiar for those who played Guilty Gear series. But as similiar it is, this game is actually surprisingly great. The graphic is beautiful, and packed with intense action.

The storyline revolve around Ragna, the Bloodedge, who had been tagged as an SS class criminal by the NOL. He is hunted by everyone, exspecially the NOL, bounty hunter and vigilante. His head is now worth millions and he also hold the great evil power of Azure Grimiore, a juicy target for the power crazed. Every character storyline is tied to Ragna, and fortunately, the story is presented in a rather fine, artful power point like storyline.
All Characters!

Every character in Blazblue had their own, crazy personalities. Jin Kisaragi, who said that he want to kill his brother, is actually longing for a loving family. Rachel Alucard, a cute and fine little vampire who is now the master of the Alucard family, is cold and had a rather good manners ( perhaps too polite and she can kill you with electrical shock). Also, one of my personal favourite, Hake-Men. Once a respected heroes with six others that had saved the world from the Black Beast, he is now a powerful warrior that is perhaps too obsessed with justice and the truth in this world. He is a very, very powerful character that will cleanse the evil with with his justice sword. ' I am the white void, I am the cold steel, I am the just sword. I am Haku-Men!

Stay calm, I just want to do an X-ray scan.

Another of my favourite is: Taokaka, half-cat, half-human ( or they are just called the Kaka Clan, who village lies below the city). She is very cheerful, energetic, and.... stupid! (in a cute way!). Oh, she never calls other people with their real name, such as 'Good Guy'(Ragna), 'Scruffy man'(Bang), Mask Man( Hau-Men), and Boobie Lady( Litchi).In gameplay, she is very ultra-fast, albeit with low HP and hard too control (seriously). Other characters is just as fun to play; Arakune, a black blob of goo that can change it's form (pretty psychotic too me), Iron Tager, a red giant man-like-robot that is high in defense and have an incredible brawling attach, Litchi Faye Ling, who use martial arts and a beating stick taht can fly and beat the hell crap of you (sounds familiar?). And there is much more......

Bang  super  fart repulsion kick jutsu!!!
There is about 12 characters in this game. Eventhough the quantity is not so much, the quality that is really matters. the unique characters in this game make it really fun to play, eventhough there is the 'Deja-Vu' feeling every time you hear 'Ragna v.s. Jin' for the 123th times.

Overall, this is one of the most addictive fighting games i've ever played. The lack in the number of characters is covered by its wonderful storyline, and unique characters. A very recommended game for anime lover and fighting genre gamers. 'The wheel of fate is turning!!!'

Jin: Brother, you shall not become a better girl magnet than me!
Ragna: Oh yeah? Then, fight me first , girl's face.
Jin: WTF!!
And the battle between brothers rages on......


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